Cocoa & Caramel feature

A weekend, last year, I teamed up with the up & coming brand Cocoa & Caramel and this fab team:

Stylist + hairstylist: Sacha James @stylesoda_
Designer: Martina Gilbert @_cocoa_and_caramel_
Makeup artist: Khadija Ahmed @deejamua
Models: Maomi @maomi.__ at J’adore Models @jadoremodelsmcr & Kadisha Dunn @kadishadunn

The shoot was to create content for Martina’s new collection. We had a fab day and we all worked great as a team. I submitted the shoot to Haute Punch and they published the shoot back in February. 

Still very rewarding to see your work published, must of been the dream team on the day!! You can see more editorial content on my page.