Looking after yourself

Over these past few weeks, I have really struggled with my mental health. I have had a stressful time in my personal life which I believe has created cracks, and I feel I am crumbling under pressure. Fortunately for me I have a very supportive partner and he understands completely how I feel. We support each other and we get each other over many obstacles we face.

However one thing I always struggle with is my confidence with my work. I guess so many creatives can relate to this, waking up one day thinking you are the bomb and the next going to bed with believing everybody hates your work.

With this cycle in mind, I have looked at different ways to get back out of that ‘self hating’ mind frame. First of all, I write down all the things which are most important in my life, for example my partner, my family and having a roof over my head. I then write down encouraging statements, things you would hear from your friends or your mum, if they were trying to cheer you up. Just these two steps, already makes a big deal to my frame of mind. But to help further I enjoy to read, instantly takes me to a different world, or writing on my blog, rambling about what I have seen or been up to recently. I guess just an outlet which doesn’t involve too much thinking.

To improve my confidence with work, I believe sometimes I need to distance myself from social media, and remind myself that the amount of likes or followers isn’t a true reflection on my work. I need to remember the reasons why I love my job, its because I can be creative and work with fantastic people. A number of likes can not determined my opinion on my own work.

So many people, I can imagine, feel the same way as I do, and what I am not trying to do is preach about how you could feel better. I just wanted to be honest, our social media lives might look perfect but we all struggle and this is what I do to cope.

Much love xx