Lindy Bop goes Disco

A couple of weeks ago, we headed to Junkyard Golf Manchester to shoot a collection for Lindy Bop. The collection has a variety of prints, so we put our thinking cap on to find the perfect location to host these garments.

Below is our mood boards, we thought of a fun fair, theme park, rollerskating rink but we landed on Junkyard Golf. We also wanted to style the shoot 70’s, even though Lindy Bop is known for its 50’s silhouette, we wanted to mix things up!

The day was fantastic and we managed to get the shots we wanted for the campaign. A brilliant team to work with, check out the teams profiles…

Stylist - Bethany Cookson

Hair and MUA - Ewa Baberska

Models - Myah @ Jadore Models and Mia @ PHA Models

Assistants - Christie Marsh and Beth Ward

Here are some of my favourite final images but there are further images on my Commercial portfolio.


Blogger Style

I would love to shoot/work with more Bloggers, one of my goals for 2019. We shot this street style shoot with Ruth Willow at Lindy Bop in the Northern Quarter Manchester. Here are some of my favourites.

Any bloggers who would like to work with me on a shoot, please get in touch.


Lindy Bop visits Italy

The Lindy Bop team touched down in Venice on a wet day in October, to shoot the Spring/Summer 19 collection. Panic set in, thinking the next few days will be a nightmare in the rain, however Venice brightened up and we had two fabulous days in the sun.

We stayed on the colourful island, Burano, each home painted a different shade. Every morning the locals will come out of their houses, cleaning their homes and popping to the shops. Until the coaches of tourists arrived and they would hide back into their homes. Burano was beautiful and our location for our first day of shooting.

On our second day of shooting we ventured to the bustling city of Venice. Luckily with the time of year, Venice wasn’t at its peak with tourists, so we managed to get the right shots even on the must see tourist attractions.

Weaving in and out the narrow streets of Venice, I now understand the love of the romantic city, many people hold. I will be definitely be returning without my camera equipment.

One of the most memorable moments of the trip, was taking some snaps on a gondola, sailing along the beautiful streets of Venice, ensuring I won’t go over board. I don’t think an opportunity to do shoot on a gondola will arise anytime soon!

Shooting in Italy for a campaign, was the most amazing experience and another ‘pinch yourself’ moment. A brilliant highlight to my career. 

I wonder where we will be sent next!
Lindy Bop Spring/Summer 19 collection will be available online very soon. Can’t wait to share the final images.


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