Where to start..

I have being ‘umming and ahing’ over the past few months to start a blog; the ins and outs of a shoot day, news & offers and just an outlet to let me ramble on.

So I have ripped the plaster off and I thought why not!
I used to have a blog throughout University… a decade ago… I loved writing about fashion news, what I was up to and what I wanted to create. Yay to an updated version, 10 years on.

If this is the first time coming across my work, hello! I am a photographer based in Manchester, and I love to take photos, what a surprise! But I do truly love the job I have and sometimes have to pinch myself to see how far I have come. I specialise in Editorial and Fashion commercial photography, however I also shoot portfolio updates, beauty and Weddings.

Hopefully this blog will give you an insight to my day to day photographer life! If you would like to keep up to date with all things social, check out the links on my website.