September Wedding

Take me back to the 24th September 2022! What a special day, perfect weather and a lovely location. I thoroughly enjoyed working through these photos and Anna and Kyle were a pleasure to photograph. Mesnes Park in Wigan, has a quaint leafy backdrop, which you wouldn’t think would exist so close to a town centre. 
I arrived at 3pm and scouted the spots to shoot. Shortly after the guests start to arrive, they arrive in a rainbow of colour, standing out from all of the greenery. 

I photographed Annas and Kyles wedding from 4pm-8pm. It was a beautiful intimate ceremony to a big party. 

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Girls Updated…

Over the past year I’ve been able to shoot with some fantastic models. I have only just updated the ‘Girls’ Section, with some of my favourites. 




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Best Friend Wedding

Emma & Adam get wed! Here are some lovely film shots from their wedding day. I love shooting with film, yes its unpredictable and nerve wracking. But when it works, IT WORKS. You can’t beat how film looks, warm tones, grain and light flares. You can create the ‘film vibe’ in post, using digital but the process in shooting film is rewarding.

I’ve known Adam and Emma, since I met my husband, his best friends have become mine. Emma was my bridesmaid and I was hers. So I wasn’t their official photographer for the day, as I was a part of their bridal party, but I wanted to give them a little gift/memory. Some candid film shots of their friends and family on their day having a blast, will brighten up any day. 

“Oh Sophie I love them all so much”


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